Hungary is a good country to select as study abroad destination. Due to a colorful Hungarian higher education, students can easily find their interests from the wide variety of study fields – from humanities to medical education, from art and music to natural sciences. Great inventors, artists and Nobel Laureates prove the high quality education of Hungary.

  • Hungarian higher education has had a long history and tradition since the year of 1367, when the first university was founded in Pécs. There are also universities of National excellence, many research universities, research institutes and faculties in Hungary awarded by the Hungarian government on the strength of their international activities and high level education.
  • Hungary has a mixed blend of rural traditions and modern lifestyle, culture and nightlife. It is the ideal place to visit or to study. Tourists are awed by the wonders this country has to offer and students love the cheap but quality education.

About Hungary

Hungary is located in the heart of Europe, from where other European countries are easy to reach. If you come to study in Hungary for a full programme, you can apply for Erasmus or Campus Hungary scholarships, and spend another semester in a European country.

  • Hungary is a country that is famous for its historic urban centers and its pleasing landscape along with the wines, thermal waters and the most flourishing culture. Hungary is littered with palaces and castles that can capture the imagination even the most world weary. Hotels and museums are hard to differentiate as both are rich and beautiful and of course, everywhere you go, you will find undeniable traces of the legendary Hungarian wine.
  • The capital of Hungary is Budapest and it is an old and rich city. The best and the most frequented bars and clubs populate the capital city of Hungary. Budapest is also famous among writers and artists and houses some of the best creative talents of the century. And the monuments in the city are second to none. Budapest is also referred to as the Paris of Eastern Europe because of this.

Why Study In Hungary?

• The best twin: Old tradition and great research institutes
• High quality education in many fields
• Bridge to Europe
• Low Competition for Admission and Scholarship
• Lower Living Cost

Benefits of studying in Hungary

1. Hungary is one of the best places to study, being that the country is a member of the European Union and also a Schengen State.
2. The tuition fee in Hungary is relatively affordable, compared to most other parts of Europe. Also, living costs are relatively low compared to the rest of Europe.
3. You can study in quite a number of Universities in Hungary in English Medium. Courses are taken 100% in English medium but students will still have to learn the Hungarian Language for easy communication within the country.
4. Many of the Universities in Hungary are fully open and available for International students. Hence, students can mix up with other cultures of other countries of the world.
5. You can study in Hungary without IELTS or TOEFL.
6. Work and study in Hungary is also possible but every student must remember that he/she has to learn the language first for easy communication.
7. World Ranking for most Universities in Hungary are very high.