1. Multicultural environment where students get to know various people from different religion and culture.
2. A politically stable country.
3. International standard of education, with post-study work opportunities. Since Malaysia looks for skilled workers, the industries are in need for good graduates always.
4. A range of programs are on offer for students, along with twinning programmes and programs that are on offer by branch campuses.
5. Straightforward immigration procedures that make it easier for students to transit to the country.
6. Safe country for international students. As per the Global Peace Index, Malaysia ranks 29th on the list of most peaceful country in the world, out of a list of 163 countries.
7. Fantastic travel destination for travelholics.
8. Malaysia is a food haven for those who can’t live without experiencing some incredible cuisines in the world.
9. Students can receive degrees from countries like the UK, the USA and Australia.
10. Last but not least, Malaysia is an affordable study destination for students.

Why study in Malaysia?

Malaysian colleges and universities offer a wide variety of courses. Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are offered in various fields, including pharmacy, medicine, engineering, law, business, economics, commerce, information technology and education. Outside the classroom, there are lots of activities you can explore. You can either visit the islands of Penang, Langkawi, Pangkor and Tioman and experience a nice beach holiday, or have a look at the colorful stages of Malay history in Penang. You can also head down to the famous Batu caves, a 400-million-year-old limestone hill with a series of awe-inspiring caves and cave temples.

Location and Climate

Malaysia is one of the safest and most political stable countries in the world with a relatively low crime rate and the country is free from most natural disasters which makes it an attractive country to live in. The weather in Malaysia is sunny and rainy all year without extreme cold or hot weather conditions making the weather easily adaptable.Malaysia is located in south-east Asia, 7 degrees north of the equator, GMT +8. Its neighbours are Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. Malaysia is located in a zone that does not experience drastic weather changes or serious natural calamities such as earthquakes and tornados. Malaysia has a pleasant tropical climate and is generally hot and humid throughout the year. Temperatures are around 30-33°C during the day and 25°C at night in the lowland areas and between 21°C and 28°C in the highlands. Light cotton, cool and casual clothing is recommended all year round. Most of the facilities on campuses are air-conditioned so students like you can study in comfort. The north-east monsoon blows from the months of November to April and bring heavy rains to the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia as well as to Sabah and Sarawak. The south-west monsoon season from May to October is a drier period although the tropical climate means that rain and thunderstorms can be expected from time to time.

Benefits of studying in Malaysia

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