MALTA is a Southern European Island consisting of an island group in Mediterranean Sea. Malta is a modern, vibrant Country famous for lovely beaches, sunny weather and a calm environment. The education system in Malta is very high rated and the curriculum is based on British model. Most of the colleges and universities in Malta are clustered around capital Valletta, on the north-east Coast of Malta Island.The University of Malta is the highest teaching institution in Malta. It is publicly funded and is open to all those who have the requisite qualifications. The University’s structures are in line with the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area. Conscious of its public role, the University strives to create courses which are relevant and timely in response to the needs of the country. The supreme governing bodies of the University are the Council and the Senate. There are some 11,500 students including over 600 international students from 71 different countries, following full-time or part-time degree and diploma courses, many of them run on the modular or credit system. The University regularly hosts a large number of Erasmus and other exchange students. A basic Foundation Studies Course enables international high school students who have completed their secondary or high school education overseas but who do not have the necessary entry requirements, to qualify for admission to an undergraduate degree course at the University of Malta.

Malta is considered to be the safest country in all of Europe and this is an added advantage for international students. The international students are eligible to receive free health treatments at state funded Hospitals and Health centers but only in case of emergencies.

Malta is a small island but smallness has its advantages. One of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries, Malta is a group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Italy. The three largest of these – Malta Island, Gozo and Comino – are inhabited, with a total resident population of roughly 420,000.

Why study in Malta?

• High-quality education
• Rich British legacy
• Top destination for English language learning
• Excellent Career Opportunities
• Excellent campus facilities
• Safest Country
• Economical living